Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lamb and Turnip Curry

This is a nice winter curry. The turnips on first sight look deceptively like potatoes but upon closer inspection, you see that they have that familiar veiny turnip look and that familiar bitter turnip-y flavour. Combined with lamb, this is a curry for seasoned palates.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Summer Fruit Cake

This is a cake that always ALWAYS pleases.

If you don't believe me, try it. Go on. But hurry because summer is about to end!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sublime Mango & White Chocolate Mousse or Creams


The first is a light frothy surprise served in a Martini glass with a few diced mangoes and passion fruit seeds at the bottom. The second is a creamy coconutty crime parfait! Both topped with a sweet and tangy mango-lime coulis.

Marmalade Drizzle Pudding

Follow your instincts.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

The One Chocolate Cake

Found. Mousse-like chocolate cake. Hits the spot. Very tame baking-wise. Lovable and wholly edible. Take home and guard forever!